Things to do Before I Die...

I don't know why but I don't like the term "Bucket List"... instead this is a list of "Things to do Before I Die"... It's more of a mouthful, but you get the idea. This list will be ongoing. I'll add to it and cross things off once they are done... So without further adieu:

1.     Travel every continent in the world
2.     Eat dinner with the President in the White House
3.     Go on a safari
4.     Go skydiving
5.     Go to the top of the Empire State Building
6.     Take my whole family on a vacation
7.     Run a marathon
8.     Drive from one side of the US to the other
9.     Do mission work in Africa
10. Walk on the Great Wall of China
11. Be in a movie
12. Swim in all 5 oceans
13. See Stonehenge
14. Go to the MTV Music Awards
15. Go to the Super Bowl
16. Swim with a dolphin
17. Ride the Trans-Siberian across Asia
18. Write a book
19. Drink Beer at Oktoberfest
20. Start a Charity
21. Own a handmade Gucci Suit from Italy
22. Spend Christmas on a beach
23. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
24. Go up in a hot air balloon
25. Make a hole in one
26. Have my picture painted
27. Learn to speak Spanish
28. Raft through the Grand Canyon
29. Climb the Egyptian Pyramids
30. Go surfing
31. Climb an active volcano
32. Buy a sail boat and learn how to use it
33. Take pictures in the rainforest
34. Go to the Summer Olympics
35. Go to the Kentucky Derby
36. Learn to fly a plane
37. Go white water rafting
38. Shoot military grade guns
39. Drive a race car
40. Go rock climbing
41. Ride a gondola in Venice
42. Buy everyone in a bar a drink
43. Go zorbing
44. Own a Mazerati
45. Touch an iceburg
46. Visit Ireland
47. Milk a cow
48. Grow a beard
49. Ride a bull
50. Fly in a helicopter
51. Learn to ride a motorcycle
52. Buy a Harley
53. Tour an Italian vineyard
54. See the Eiffel Tower
55. Produce a Hollywood movie
56. Plant a garden
57. Fly around in a private jet
58. Go to the Louvre
59. Go into outer space
60. Build a updated version of my grandparent’s house
61. Have a driver for my car
62. Have a personal assistant
63. Go to TED
64. Go to SXSW
65. Patent a product and sell it (success or fail doesn’t matter)
66. Paint something worth putting on my wall
67. Be in a calendar
68. Take my picture with some Redwood Trees
69. Take a photography class
70. Participate in a hotdog eating contest
71. Take a cooking class in Italy
72. Go dog sledding
73. Help someone in every country in the world
74. Participate in a flash mob
75. Make wine
76. Get Married
77. Read Atlas Shrugged
78. Flip a house
79. Have a newspaper or magazine article written about me
80. Read the entire bible
81. Learn to snowboard
82. Restore an older car
83. Buy a Rolex
84. Drink a glass of Cristal
85. Own a 10 ounce of gold bar
86. Learn to ballroom dance
87. Make chocolate chip cookies from scratch
88. Live like that locals in a developing country for a month
89. Run for some type of political office
90. Eat tacos in Mexico
91. Build a sand castle on the beach
92. Run with the bulls in Spain
93. Go deep sea fishing and cook the fish I catch
94. Ride a camel in the desert
95. Go on a blind date
96. Take all my winnings during a trip to Vegas and bet all on black
97. Stand under a waterfall
98. Hike the Hollywood Hills
99. Go bungee jumping
100. Help someone do something off their own list (that is not on mine)