Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family Vacation and Move to KC

Hey! I have been taking a little hiatus lately. And while doing so I was able to cross a few things off my 'bucket list.' The most incredible being Taking my Family on a Vacation. We went to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico on a 7 day cruise. There were 9 of us and it was a lot of fun. I could not have done a family vacation in a better way. I love Central American culture. Nothing compares to spending some quality time with family.

Also during my hiatus I have moved to Kansas City to pursue my MBA at University of Missouri- Kansas City with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. It was a hard decision to make, taking myself completely out of the industry I was in and focus solely on my education, but I know it's the best move for me. And being in Kansas City puts me back in my hometown.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from the trip. The website has been hitting some major numbers lately. Thanks for spreading the word!