Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last week I made a great decision. I got LASIK. It's incredible. To anyone that has been on the fence about getting it: you definitely should. Not only for the lifestyle benefits, but also the financial benefits.

You go into the office on surgery day and get checked out to make sure the overall health of the eye is still what it was in your pre-op visits. And then you go into the laser room. They put some numbing drops in your eye over and over again so you won't feel anything, along with some other drops. Then they prop your eye ball open so you can't blink. They use a laser to cut a flap of your cornea open (some offices still use a blade). Then I believe they use a separate laser to reshape the cornea. They can fix nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms. The weirdest part of the whole thing is that you can see them working on your eye and bend back the flap of your cornea and you can also smell you cornea being burnt off. It smells kind of like hair burning. It's completely painless though. The craziest thing is that I had both eyes done and I was in the doctors office a total of 30 minutes on surgery day and in the laser room for maybe 8 minutes. The next day you have a few eye drops that you put in hourly. Keeping your eye moist and able to heal.

I keep waking up expecting to not be able to see again, but alas, still have great vision. On the day after my surgery I was already seeing with 20/15 vision according to my next day doctor visit. It's incredible.

You see a lot of haloing around lights at night and star bursting too, but it's been getting better and better.

As far as the financial benefits... The average contacts wearer is going to pay about $250 a year between eye doctor, contacts, and supplies. And then an additional $200 every two years for new glasses. I would even argue the cost can be much greater too. LASIK costs about $4600 or $4000 in some places if you pay cash.  That means that with these numbers pulled from my own experience, over 15 years having bad vision costs about $5000.

In summation, I encourage you to live a better life and save some money over the next decade and a half and get some LASIK done. I've been impressed, if you have any questions about it, I'm not a doctor but I can tell you about my own experience!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, I'm also planning to get surgery as well.