Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ron Paul...

I am going to talk about some politics today. It's been disturbing to me that the media completely ignores the fact the Ron Paul is not only doing well, but even alive. This guy placed second in the Iowa Straw Polls a couple weeks ago by only a couple hundred votes. But instead the media scoffs Paul and spends their time covering Perry and Bachmann. And I absolutely believe the reason Ron Paul is ignored and given no media attention is because he does not support special interests like the other candidates. Ron Paul would cut spending and stop our multiple wars and make decisions in an effort to make America a creditworthy institution again. The other guys will do what they are told to do and make a lot of other people filthy rich in the mean time. Why would the media support someone that will not be padding their pockets years into the future. I think the best person I have seen analyze this strange media coverage is Jon Stewart.
Watch this clip:

Ron Paul is a very intelligent individual, and in fact, I reviewed his book last year End the Fed and I loved it. I think America should be focused on which candidate has the best financial intelligence and can pull us out of this 5 year slump we have been in. And I do believe of all the candidates out there Ron Paul has the best education and logistical background to make the changes that need to be made.

That is all I have for this week. Regardless of which candidates you choose or which side you affiliate yourself with, make sure you get out and vote!

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  1. And watch the public lemmings follow the media.