Saturday, August 27, 2011

Letters From Leaders...

The book of the week is Letters From Leaders compiled by Henry O. Dormann. This book was loaned to me by a very intelligent friend of mine. And I will always take advice from people smarter than me. She was definitely right referring this book. It has so many great pieces of knowledge imparted by the greatest leaders alive.

The book is just what it sounds like, it's letter after letter from great leaders. It has everyone from CEOs to Presidents to Artists. The book explains who that person is even though most require no introduction and then displays their letter. I can't think of another book that is jam packed with this much wisdom. There is no fluff in these letters. They are very real, some may tug on your emotional heart-strings and other may give you the kick in the pants you may need. One thing is for sure, you will have take aways... and I would venture to guess that the take-aways I have will not be the exact same as yours. And for that reason, I suggest you read this book yourself because my little snippet here will not do the book justice to your personal needs.

That being said, I will go ahead and throw out some of the words that hit me pretty hard:

"When things go well, always give credit to others." -George H. W. Bush

"You can't learn anything if you are talking." -John Teets

"The ability to communicate is critical- clearly, frankly, and often." - James D. Robinson III

"Happiness is more important to success than success is to happiness." - Cathie Black

"Always look for opportunities that will give you a chance to learn." - John F. Welch Jr.

"Never do just what the boss asks; always do more." - John F. Welch Jr.

"Be the kind of person who adds air and life to a room when they enter-- not the kind who removes these things." - James S. Turley

"Try and wake up every morning happy." - Sanford I. Weill

"Try to craft a career or a life path that is meaningful, and then the energy will flow naturally." - David Rockefeller Jr.

There were a lot of similarities in the advice the letters from these men and women. Two of them were to keep on learning and to never give up. Super simple ideas.

Go buy this book... It's a great one. If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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