Saturday, July 30, 2011

Check Number 69 Off the List!

I got another things done off the list this weekend. I took a photography class all day today at the Chicago Photography Center. I learned a ton! I am really excited to go out and shoot some good looking pictures. We went over ISO, aperture, shutter speed, learned about motion, framing, panning, and a number of other things. The class is actually 3 weeks worth of information at a fast pace.

We all took a long lunch and shot pictures while we were out. I ended up with a cool picture of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church. I made three small adjustments in the developing process on Adobe Lightroom 3 readjusting the white balance, increasing fill lights and blacks. It gave it a very crisp and colorful finish without using saturation. I don't like saturating a picture. It is often used too much and destroys the image... makes for all color and no form. (But that's just my personal feeling and the picture I took could look terrible to everyone but me.)

I am thrilled with my decision to take this class. It was a really good deal through . I have already started planning the next thing I intend to check off my list: Take my whole family on vacation.

I'll leave you with my picture... I was going to scan it in but forgot and framed it as soon as I got home.

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