Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stop Saying You're Fine...

The book of the week is Stop Saying You're Fine by Mel Robbins. This book was from a genre I haven't hit in a while... the self-help variety. And I think that Robbins did a great job. The book is all about being a better you.

The categories focused on are family, love/sex, spirituality, career/purpose, friends/community, body/ health, and money.

I think everyone can think something of at least one of the categories listed above that they want more from. Well, Robbin's goal is to identify what that is and then gives you suggested routes to get there.

I think the body/health is the one that hits home for a lot of people. You want to be more fit, lose weight, gain muscles etc.. etc... Robbins suggests making a mental map. The starting point is now and the ending point is "lose 50 pounds." Then you spend time brainstorming of the places you need to go to get there. It could be Riding you bike to work, joining Weight Watchers, learning about fitness and nutrition, joining a gym, etc. Then you decide what you need to first and follow you map all the way to the finish line.

More often then not, people recognize they aren't happy with something in their life and then they spend all their energy for a week getting into it. Then after about a week they get busy and stop. The problem is that they don't have a plan in place. New Year's Resolutions are a good example of this. I love my gym, but I get so frustrated at the beginning of the year because it's flooded with "New Year Resolutioners." They take up every piece of equipment and you can't even get at the water fountain without waiting in line. I remind myself that they are only temporary because none of them really have a goal more than "go to the gym." And sure enough, in a couple weeks the place is back to normal.

This idea is the same for starting a business, spending more time with family, meeting people, and especially saving money. Get a plan in place and think about the in between.

I liked this book. It's nice to have a book every once in a while to give you a kick in the rear and keep you from getting complacent with your life. As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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