Saturday, January 15, 2011


I did not read a book this week.... I know. I am shocked too. It's been about 80 weeks since I haven't read at least one book in a week. I just didn't want to this week. I had a lot going on with work and I was working on getting things rolling with an item on my Things to do Before I Die list. That item... Go do mission work in Kenya. I was all in for this trip to Kenya in March, however, yesterday morning I found out the trip was cancelled due to participants not being able to come up with enough funding. They pushed the trip back into the Summer... I much less convenient time for me to be going on vacation. I have had a lot of time to reflect this week on what my goal is with my money, this will be about this experience. If you expected a book this week, I apologize, not happening this week.

I went to a meeting on Thursday night for the Kenya trip. I had my heart set on this trip and was preparing my life professionally to be gone for a couple weeks. When I got to the meeting I was told that the trip was looking unlikely because people couldn't afford to come up with the money soon enough. I sat there at the conference room table while the girl told us about what we would have been doing and what need there is for people in that area. I sat there in my own world, disappointed and frustrated that the trip was really looking unlikely. It was at that point that I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a leap of faith. I told the girl in charge that I was willing to pay my own way plus at least two other people to make this trip happen. I left the meeting asking her to advocate to the committee making this trip happen with my funding.

The whole time I drove home from the meeting I was thinking about what I had offered. And even more surprising to to myself was that I didn't mind doing it. I was completely willing to not only forget about buying a house this year, but also hold a little credit card debt for a little while as well. Something many of you are aware, is something that makes me cringe. The idea that made me feel comfortable with this notion was the idea of my family. The main reason I want to build wealth and make myself rich is to provide an extremely comfortable life for my future wife and children. However, I do not want my children growing up in a world where I use money selfishly. I would rather them see money as a tool. Something that can change lives for the better. Great, we have what we need. Now what can we do to help others. My final thought on that drive home and before bed: I want to make this money to provide a comfortable life for my family, but I want to have a strong base of character before I attempt to be a head of household and the most difficult place in any person's life to round off character is what they do with their money.

So... What are you doing with your money?


  1. Trevor the post last night was right on. I have been reading about God's relationship with the Isrealites in Numbers and Deuteronomy. God commanded them to give 10% of everything and then offerings and sacrifices on top of that ( firstfruits , that's before taxes). God does not want us to give out of our excess, that is easy. God wants us to give sacrificially. He asks us to test Him in this (Malachi 3:10). Let's see if we can out give God! He will return it to us with far more than interest.

  2. Good post! We give our children an allowance each week that they split in to 1/3's.....1/3 for savings/investing, 1/3 to spend any way they see fit, and 1/3 to be given away (church or someone in need). Teaching them young that there are only 3 things that you can do with money, save it, spend it, and give it away. All 3 are important.