Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thank God It's Monday...

The book of the week was Thank God It's Monday by Roxanne Emmerich. It's all about creating a workplace that an employee and customer will both love. The book was pretty good.

The book hits on two areas that I think are ideal for transforming a work environment- getting rid of unproductive habits and staying enthusiastic. It's simple, but if everyone within an organization is on board with these two areas then your organizations transform into a "Thank God It's Monday" organization, where the employees are looking forward to the start of their week.

Unproductive habits are awful for organizations. They include whining, gossip, complaining, feuding, and many more. And these habits are not uncommon by any means. The most prevalent ones I have noticed personally are gossip and complaining. Both of these are completely unproductive and very difficult to avoid unless everyone within an organization is on board to avoid them. That is why it is important to get everyone together and introduce them to the new plan. The "Thank God It's Monday" plan... You can't expect everyone to garner support for an organization's transformation unless everyone feels equally involved. When bringing everyone together focus on goals, a vision, and make sure there is a large focus on open communication throughout the organization. Open communication is so important because if everyone feels comfortable talking to their leaders about anything on their mind then they are less likely to gossip or complain.

The second big part is enthusiasm! There is a trickle effect in every organizations... whether your trickle is up down or across. One persons attitude is contagious to everyone else. So what ever role you are within an organization be enthusiastic and help it spread. (Side note: I was told this week that I am fun to have around because anytime any employee asks me how my day is, it's either "Outstanding" or "Excellent" and I make other people feel good when I say it). The goal is to make our customers feel good when they come and when they leave our organizations, so find a way to do that. Human nature suggests that people have an urge to give back when they are given something- even if that something is a "good" feeling. If you give customers a good feeling, they will give you back more business, more word of mouth advertising, and do whatever they can to help your organization succeed.

Additionally, if everyone is communicating openly, and in turn not gossiping or complaining, while remaining enthusiastic they will be happier to be there. The way I keep myself so enthusiastic all day is reminding myself to be enthusiastic- I know sounds too simple. But I have found that even if I am having an awful day and fake some enthusiasm and happiness while I am working then I really do become happy and enthusiastic. It's just like the smile exercises I was writing about last year. If you just smile for 60 seconds, just a big ol' toothy grin, and hold it. You will actually feel happier. The human brain is an amazing thing...

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