Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Money As Debt... Very Educational

This video is very well made and explains how money works. I know its long, but watching this will open your eyes to how we got where we are today.


  1. This is a great tutorial video.

  2. Money as Debt 1 seems to me Highly Educational & highly relevant to what I see as the current ongoing global banking collapse. Also a MaD2 "promises Unleashed" is now out also to my mind also a must see for anyone who seriously begins to wonder how almost everyone- govs, companies & individuals can be in debt to bankers and more & more so as the years pass. I began to suspect the idea that commercial banks & the building societies only lent out their own or their depositors money / or that they'd borrowed it from the money markets / the central bank, YEARS ago. Then I stumbled across a few monetary reform articles and books and watched MaD1 & MaD2. All was revealed! What crazy idiotic monetary systems almost all countries have. And what a feat to have pulled off such a system of almost evryone being pretty well slaves to bankers and yet almost no-one realising it! I say Roll on total collpase of these crock of excrement monetary & economic systems so they can be replaced with something fair, democratic and socially & environmentally sustainable.

  3. Sorry I should have added to the bit above "...almost everyone pretty well slaves to bankers"- AND THEIR SHAREHOLDERS. Also worth pointing out that David Korten (see below) says "2 percent of the world's adults own 51 percent of all global assets". So the fabulous advantage (relative to the rest of us) of being able to create almost all of most nations' money pretty well out of thin air and charge interest on it makes bankers/bsocs fantastically rich but also super rich family dynasties that own huge blocks of the banks' shares as well as private equity/hedge fund holdings etc. (Only 20% of shares are owned by pension funds I heard on a BBC Radio 4 money programme a few years ago).
    It seems to me that most of this wretched global financial/economic system is really designed to make rich speculators (sorry "investors") get more rich for producing nothing of real value.
    Relevant David Korten articles are at http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/stand-up-to-corporate-power/1834

  4. Thanks for the articles... great comments!